From the recording The Cause

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Born and Raised
Verse 1
You’ve got no body, you’ve got no soul,
In West Philadelphia you ain’t growing old.
I’ve got a hologram of you in my mind,
Yet my innocence would damage your inner eye
Whatever you’re taking, you know you take a lot,
Whenever you’re breaking, the break is all you’ve got.
I’ve got a funny feeling it’s all gonna change.
I’ve got a funny feeling it’s all gonna change.
And if the losers come a calling by
And they take you back and you don’t ask why
If you feel you’re living without a home
Maybe you’ll find life
Maybe you’ll find love
You’ll find it all.
Wahoo x 2
Verse 2
You’ve got no essence, you’ve got no bind
You make me think I love you, so I don’t mind.
I gave it all to you, so you don’t bleed
Cause I swear now’s enough cause I need to leave


Wahooo x 3 lalalalalala