1. The Cause

From the recording The Cause

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The Cause

Verse 1
Every night I pray, hoping it will be the last time you cry.
Every time you break, falling further, deeper and you don’t know why.
It’s so hard to see the ones you know,
To feel yourself through numbing cold.

Chorus 1
Cause in my heart and in your mind, I loved you once. You loved them more.
And I can’t be the one to break you down. Can’t be the cause.

Verse 2
It’s so dark inside, promise that you’ll never give up trying.
You can’t let me go, but we can’t stay in here you know you’re dying.
You want so much to feel something you know,
To let in light where darkness grows.
Just let me out, I never should have come.
And try to fight yourself again.

Chorus x 2

So what do you do when the war, it comes to follow you.
What do you say when we turn away.
What do you do when the light that grows inside of you takes us all away.

And what will you do when the war it comes to follow you
What will you do when, they turn away.
What will you do when the light that grows inside of you takes them all away.