1. Philosolove


And the night still comes to me
Those words still haunt us now
You never came to me
I never heard a sound but...

Bridge 1
Nothing but silence could make it so sweet for us
Nothing but habit could make us feel loss of love
Nothing but magic would make it collide from dust
No one but you could make this so difficult
And I can't please you...

Verse 2
And it's your turn once again
And you wonder why it hurts
It's so hard to trust in this
When it's what I wanted first

Bridge 2
I never thought I could still feel so much for you
Never thought I might get what I wanted to
A time in moment a thought, I fought, I lost
A dream I held so close, I crushed

And I can't please you
I'm fighting though this ache
I try to fight you yet another way
But you just throw it back to me again

I don't know how to feel in love
I don't know what it really means
PLease tell me this

I don't know how to feel alone
I don't know what it really is
Please tell me this
(Just give me this)

And I just can't please you
I'm fighting through this ache
And I will love you though these veins will burst and break
But I can't find a way to make you stay